JavaScript for moving abroad
JavaScript Trainings and English Lessons for moving abroad. Integral program for those who doubt.
Our offer
1. Free Skype-interview in English
- Determine your JavaScript level and English level
- Conduct an interview at a convenient time for you: we work at weekends
- Provide detailed feedback
2. Knowledge
We will help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary for relocate. Our English teachers are native speakers with many years of experience. You will be able to study JavaScript up-close - all our teachers are practicing programmers in European companies.

In addition to the theoretical base, we'll teach you to work in a Scrum team, as it's practiced in all Dutch companies. You'll find complete set of rituals, teamwork and mandatory review of the code, along with recommendations for improvement.

You can also join an online webinar to acquire specific skills, such as Advanced JavaScript, TypeScript, Web Components, or Serverless JS. If you are fluent in English and confident in your technical skills, feel free to skip education.

After passing the interview and training, we'll recommend you to acquainted companies. We live in Holland for a while and enlisted the support of such companies as Frontmen, ING and others.
JavaScript Lessons
The JavaScript course is made by programmers working in Europe for several years. After a first interview we will prepare an individual plan, covering all the necessary knowledge for interviews abroad. You will get a detailed assessment of your level and fill in the missing technical skills.
English Lessons
A focus of English lessons is on everyday communication with colleagues. You will be able to speak freely on any topic, and easily make new acquaintances. Everything you need for a comfortable life and a smooth immersion.
JavaScript webinars
In addition to individual trainings we conduct online workshops. By joining our workshops you'll get certain technology experience (both theory and practice).
Advanced JavaScript
Here you'll find detailed answers to the most popular questions at the job interviews: closures, inheritance, promises, ES6, DOM API
  • For: Junior/Middle
  • When: 03.03.2019 in 17:00 Moscow time (PASSED)
  • Price: Free
At this workshop you will: learn the main features of React, know why it's so popular, create the first component, then the second, then the HOC, then the render props and finally try the Hooks.
  • For: Middle/Senior
  • When: 16.03.2019
  • Price: Free
TypeScript CLI
At this workshop you can create your own Command Line Interface using the increasingly popular TypeScript.
  • For: Middle/Senior
  • When: 30.03.2019
  • Price: Free
At this workshop you can make your first NodeJS application on the Google App Engine.
  • For: Middle/Senior
  • When: 13.04.2019
  • Price: Free
Frequently asked questions about relocation to the Netherlands
What level of Dutch and English is required for relocate?
Holland is one of the few countries in the world where knowledge of English is enough for a comfortable life. Some of our friends have lived here for more than 8 years and have not yet learned Dutch.
The minimum level of English is B2. It allows you to work and talk on a wide variety of topics.
No IELTS or TOEFL certificates are required.
Can I move without a diploma?
Yes, without any problems. If you have a diploma, you will need to translate it into English and have it certified with an apostil. No worries if you don't have one - just come to Holland!
Is it difficult to relocate with girlfriend / boyfriend / wife / husband / pets?
Holland is one of the most democratic countries in the world. You don't even need to have a formal relationship with your loved one - it's enough to indicate who will be relocating with you and we will issue him / her all the necessary documents, including a working visa.
Is Holland and expensive country for life and how much should I get?
To be honest, in the first couple of years there will be no tangible changes in income level. When you are here you'll enjoy the quality of products, roads, environment and much more.
In the very beginning the cost of living is proportional to the increase of income. Yes, in 2-3 years you'll definitely live better, but not earlier.
If you are planning to relocate with a partner who doesn't work, the ideal option would be to live outside Amsterdam. Transportation is very good, so it'll take you the same time to get to work from Leiden or Almere as from some parts of Amsterdam, but life is cheaper there.
What's your profit in helping others to relocate?
Our personal interest is new acquaintances and helping people. If we can be part of someone's dream and help a couple of developers to relocate the world will become a bit better. The Dutch companies agree with us and are ready to support our undertakings, which is a commercial interest for us.
Our story
Several years ago we moved from Russia to Netherlands. Michael has lived in Holland for 6 years and and knows almost everything about the country and its features. For three years and a half (3,5) Aleksander has mastered all the necessary skills for the easy and comfortable life in Europe. Pavel has been living in the Kingdom of the Netherlands for two years. He managed to relocate in a year and four months. It took ten months to learn English, six months to look for a job and prepare documents.

Today we want to help you to relocate even much faster. Do you want to live in Amsterdam, Berlin or London in just six months? Contact us if you do!
Our team
JavaScript Mentor
10 years of programming experience
English courses coordinator
JavaScript Mentor
10 years of programming experience
Relocation consultant
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